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Questions to ask BEFORE Choosing a Remodeling Contractor. (Part 3 of 3)

Ready to make a change in your home? Today we continue our series on questions you should ask before choosing a Remodeling contractor. (Part 3 of 3, Questions 8-11.)

8. How much will it cost?  

Home improvement projects can be unpredictable at times, and once a project is underway, it’s possible circumstances will arise that increase the original estimated price. It’s critical your contractor be clear he/she won’t spend a penny over your agreed-upon budget without first gaining your approval.  This information should also be specified in your contract. 

First and foremost, Richardson Homes will listen to your goals. Once this is clear, they will provide you with a general budget for your review and approval. Then, once the final set of plans with specifications are in hand, a hard cost will be presented to you. This will give you a firm idea of the bottom line cost.

Couple reviewing contract - Questions to ask before choosing a Contractor - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

9. Are they licensed and insured?

The answer should always be a resounding yes. As the homeowner, you’re perfectly within your rights to ask for copies of any contractor’s license and insurance policies. If a contractor can’t provide them, this could be proof you’re doing business with someone who does remodeling on the side. Remember, these documents ultimately protect you. Someone who is licensed has proven to the state they have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Additionally, by law, any licensed contractor must carry a current insurance policy. In the event someone is injured on your job site, your assets will be protected.

Rest assured Richardson Homes has all the required insurance and licenses to do residential work, from remodels to new home builds.

Licensed contractor - Questions to ask before choosing a Contractor - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

10. Do they clean up at the end of the day?

A quality contractor will make sure end-of-day clean-up is always taken care of by his crew, whether the project lasts one day or several weeks.

Richardson Homes understands, “A clean job is a happy job.”  Owner Jason Richardson has long-standing relationships with his subcontractors who understand and abide by his dedication to excellence, by maintaining a clean job site.

11. How does the company handle unexpected issues and challenges?

Nearly all remodeling projects develop unforeseen issues. Therefore, you need to understand the value and belief system of your contractor. Asking him/her how surprises are handled gives you a glimpse into his/her core values and business philosophy.  When challenges emerge, give the contractor the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to rectify it.  Recognizing there will be issues is the first step, and communicating with your contractor is key to having a good rapport.

Richardson Homes has been remodeling homes for 35 years and has the wisdom and experience to deal with any unexpected issue.  Count on them to resolve challenges quickly, accurately, and professionally. 

Blueprint - Questions to ask before choosing a Contractor - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

One last tip

A happy homeowner is one who has done the homework upfront to be well-informed and educated. Do yourself a favor and avoid common homeowner mistakes by spending time to find a contractor you feel confident and comfortable working on your home.  At the end of the day, it’s in the contractor’s best interest to be honest and trustworthy because he/she wants your recommendation to potential clients.

Richardson Homes looks forward to making your next project a rewarding experience for you and your family. Their goal is to transform your vision into reality!  Call us with any questions, 239 694 8889.  

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