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Wine Rooms For Your Taste

Wine Rooms For Your Taste

As an avid wine connoisseur, your collection deserves a place of pride in your home.  Building a beautiful wine cellar, or room, to highlight your wine collecting story is a dream we can help make a reality.

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There are many ways to build a wine room with a variety of materials ranging from wood to glass.

Check out these beautiful examples we found to get you inspired!


This classic wine cellar features a solid mahogany double door, dark tiled floors with metallic accents and custom plaster ceilings. But it includes something you don’t see every day.

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Using smart home technology, you can monitor who and when someone enters the wine cellar, notifying you via text.

The photo below features a 2,000-bottle wine cellar with a self-contained cooling system that keeps the temperature at 59 degrees.  

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The most impressive detail is the barrel-vaulted, hand-laid Italian tile ceiling, which uses a centuries-old technique to ensure even weight distribution in the design.


You can’t go wrong with a classic walk-in wine closet with a glass rack, custom bourbon room and stone walls.

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Another example of a classic custom built-in wine rack with shelves and countertop featuring steel railings on both sides.


This wine room offers a more contemporary look with a sleek, insulated glass enclosure.

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It also features customized acrylic and thermal metal framing, with a black matte finish to match the custom finish on the racks.

A closet-sized wine cellar can fit nicely in a living room corner while still housing an extensive wine collection.

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Be cautious of the amount of sunlight it gets…too much direct sunlight accelerates aging, so UV-filtering glass and low-voltage LED bulbs are recommended.


This climate-controlled wine room marries rustic and modern to create an amazing space complete with a tasting area.

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Each bottle is elegantly illuminated by backlit LED walls, combined with a rustic brick wall and arched ceiling to create a chic look.


When designing a wine room, you may want an area close by for wine tasting. This is a great example for those who love to entertain!

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Here you maintain the wine behind glass in a climate-controlled zone while your entertaining area can be kept at a different, comfortable temperature for your guests.

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Storing thousands of wine bottles, this custom wine room features gorgeous redwood with waterfall wine storage and a built-in decanting station. Check out the pull-out bottle drawers for your most precious vintages.

No matter what you are looking for, you can count on the team at Richardson Custom Homes to design a wine room to fit your personality and lifestyle.

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We’ve been building and renovating homes for people just like you for over 35 years. Our in-house designer, Vikki Richardson, will help you design your wine room, along with your dream home, making your Florida home a reality!

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