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What are Smart Appliances?

Smart appliances are a great way to make your home safer, sleeker, and more efficient. In addition, they allow you to make daily tasks happen in the background, while you focus on other priorities. Many homeowners are embracing this technology since it has the potential to make their home more energy efficient and safer.

What are Smart Appliances: How do they work?

A smart appliance is a device that you connect to your smartphone or tablet for convenience, to help you save energy and exercise better control. It allows you to have access to your home appliances whether you are there or away. Plus, it’s just fun! Here are a few examples:

Programmable thermostats allow you to be in control.

Smart thermostat – What are Smart appliances - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

Automated thermostats are smart enough to learn your desired temperature when you wake up or go to sleep. You can also change the temperature on your way home from work so it is cool upon your arrival – all from your phone. As a result, you can save money on energy bills.

What are Smart Appliances: Automated Vacuums that quietly clean for you.

Robot vacuum – What are Smart appliances - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

Robot vacuums do the floor cleaning for you allowing you to focus on other priorities. Whether you’re tackling dog hair, sand, dirt, or just want to spend more time with your family and friends, robot vacuums are very convenient and a great time-saving solution.

Refrigerators reimagined to make life convenient.

Smart refrigerator – What are Smart appliances - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

Refrigerators now offer LED screens with the ability to rotate your favorite photos or leave notes for your loved ones. You can even access hundreds of recipes and get the latest weather and news. Also, it can even send you a text message letting you know you’re out of milk!

Why should I consider smart appliances?

Besides the fact that many of these appliances are interesting, fun and hip, there are practical reasons to consider smart appliances in your home:

  • Efficiency and Savings: Water-saving features on washing machines, lower energy requirements for lights and AC systems, and incentives for using efficient settings, all help you manage your energy use throughout the day, without having to change your routine. And, help to save you money.
  • Safety: Smart light bulbs will flash red if the smart smoke detector is activated. A smart thermostat can monitor your AC and alert you when something is concerning, keeping your family protected.
  • Sleekness: Smart appliances are the hottest new thing and will be for many years to come. In fact, several manufacturers continue to up their game by making products more stylish and fun to operate.

Keep in mind, you can choose to start with one appliance and see how you like it before diving in.

What are Smart Appliances: A few more examples.

  • Washers and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens and microwaves
  • Security cameras
  • Coffee makers
  • Televisions

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