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You’ve made the decision and are feeling it…the excitement and anticipation of how beautiful your home will look once it’s remodeled! And now you are more than ready to dive in and make it happen!

Couple – Top 3 remodeling tips - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

But where do you start?

To help you maintain a pragmatic approach, we have compiled our top three remodeling tips to help guide you as you begin this new chapter. Below is Part 1 of 2.

#1. Determine your goals.

Prioritize your plan.

Happy couple – Top 3 remodeling tips - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

First things first. Before you jump in and start any home improvement project, ask yourself why you are wanting this change, and what you wish to accomplish. Then, write it down. This way, you can refer to it when needed.

And, be sure to include your list of priorities. This may sound simple; however, it is extremely important when considering your family’s needs, budget and time frame.

Next, discuss this question with your family and contractor: What needs to get completed first and how does that impact the overall project?

In addition, prioritizing will help you and your household stay on the same page. There will be times when things are inconvenient, especially during an expansive renovation. A clear goal with the end result in mind will decrease frustration and help you stick to your plan.

TIP – Ask yourself: What do you like about the way the space currently functions? What do you wish was different about it? How much money am I willing to spend?

Take a step back before moving forward.

Another helpful tip is to give yourself plenty of time to review your ideas and budget before the remodel begins. In this way, if you discover a need for adjustments, you can plan for them before construction starts.

Blueprint – Top 3 remodeling tips - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

Be sure to think about the future. Are there any major life changes ahead which could require an accessible walk-in shower for added mobility, or perhaps a more open family room?

Keep your impulses in check.

Be wary of those impulse ideas. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of acting on spontaneous whims (we all have them!) by continually adding features that may not even be necessary.

The better solution is to talk to your contractor first. They should guide you through the process and provide efficient and work-around solutions to keep you on track. Our goal is to combine function and aesthetics so your remodel is beautiful and practical.

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With 35+ years of experience remodeling and building custom homes in SW Florida, we have the expertise to guide you throughout your journey, ensuring you have a rewarding experience. Contact us for expert advice, 239 694 8889.

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