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Tips for Creating your Home Office, part 2 of 2.

Below are the final 4 of 8 simple ideas to help inspire your own home office. As you read through these tips, make notes, collect photos, and share them with us so we can help you design the home of your dreams.

5. Add personal knick-knacks.


Inspirational quotes, positive mementos, and personal trinkets will create a motivating workplace, and keep you inspired to continue working toward your end goal. What do you have positioned close to your desk?

6. Work with natural materials.


Wood ceilings, wall panels, bookshelves, and desks foster a sense of tranquility similar to the effects of plants. Natural materials can ground a space, as well as establish a timeless look.

7. Add comfortable seating options.


Whether you’re expecting to meet clients or looking to create a more comfortable space, organized seating areas with couches and chairs help make any home office feel more put together and relaxes your guests.

8. Organization is key.

Clean office with lady working by window  - Tips for Creating your Home Office part 2 of 2- Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

Maintaining an organized desk free of clutter is imperative. This allows you to stay focused and establishes a clear separation between business and home. Consider a designated bookshelf to hold work-related files, and a separate cabinet for personal items. Place those must-need work items on your desk so they are at your fingertips.

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