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Tips for Creating your Home Office, part 1 of 2.


With more and more people working from home now, it’s crucial to find the right workspace to stay motivated and productive. Whether you’re a seasoned pro who’s been taking care of business from home for years, or a newbie, it can be a challenge to create a productive environment.

Below are 4 of 8 simple ideas (part 1) to help inspire your own home office. As you read through these tips, keep in mind Richardson Custom Homes can help you design and build a workstation or office of any size to fit your needs and space.

1. Maximize your space.

small workspace - tips for creating your home office - Richardson Custom Homes - Fort Myers

No matter the size of your place, we can help you carve out a dedicated workspace. First things first.  Look around for under-utilized areas in your home that could be appropriate to set up your personal workstation. Check out the space under the stairs, or perhaps the mudroom just off the kitchen, as options.  Another alternative is to convert one of your bedrooms to double as an office.  With stand-up desks on the rise, think vertically to save space. Floating desks are also trending.

2. Create an official work-zone.

Working from home with kids around can be overwhelming, especially if you have limited space. One option is to establish an area within your home or office as THE official work zone. This gives kids structure knowing this particular area is set aside specifically for reading or homework, while you conduct your business. This may take some discipline and boundaries. However, once implemented, this strategy allows you to set an example of a solid work ethic for your kids. And, they get the opportunity to spend time with you.

3. Let the sunshine in.


As The Fifth Dimension sang, “Let the sunshine in!” There are dozens of studies indicating the benefits of natural light. For example, sunlight boosts your physical and emotional well-being.  Those rays of sunshine also increase your productivity, pump up your creativity, and promote better health.

Keep in mind, in today’s world of “Zoom” virtual calls, balancing fluorescent lighting and natural light is important to maintain a professional look on-screen. 

4. Brighten your environment.


Brighten your designated workspace by painting the walls a clean white shade. White walls will make your office shine, offering a clean and contemporary place for clear thinking. Adding a touch of color by painting an accent wall can spark inspiration and creativity. 

A vase of fresh flowers is another option to add color. Bright flowers in your workspace is a surefire way to liven your spirit, make you smile, and increase your energy. 

Richardson Custom Homes

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Richardson Homes is a family-owned business specializing in renovation and remodeling for over 35 years. Partner Vikki Richardson can help you design the perfect space for your home office, whether you are considering an addition or renovating your existing space.  President Jason Richardson will coordinate the entire construction process to your liking, so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

When you are ready to add a room, reimagine your office, or remodel your home, contact us for advice before getting started and to help you design your space perfectly.  Count on us to make it a rewarding experience, 239 694 8889.

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