Summer Season

Summer Weather Concerns

We all know that hurricane winds can cause tremendous property loss, but what you may not know is that a large amount of the damage is actually caused by wind-borne debris ( such as tree limbs, signs, roof tiles, etc.) and not the wind itself. debris penetrates windows and doors, allowing the wind to enter a home. This creates forces that the structure of the house is not designed to withstand, often lifting the roof or pushing out the walls and causing them to fail. Even if the roof and walls remain intact, the rain and water damage from a broken window can be severe, leaving a home uninhabitable and resulting in a total loss of its contents.

Protecting Your Property And Yourself
Impact-resistant windows and doors that meet the code requirements for hurricane-force winds and flying debris are you best protection.
We offer PGT and WINGUARD impact-resistant windows and doors.

Not only do these windows and doors offer storm protection, but also offer superior energy efficiency benefits to homeowners, helping reduce energy bills. The windows and doors also reduce noise infiltration from the exterior of the home along with solar penetration. As an added benefit, many insurance companies also offer a discount when impact resistant windows are used in construction.

Build your dream on a strong foundation.