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Questions to ask BEFORE Choosing a Remodeling Contractor. (Part 2 of 3)

Ready for a room makeover? Today we continue our series on questions you should ask before choosing a remodeling contractor. (Part 2 of 3, Questions 4-7.)

4. How do they handle changes?

Sometimes even the most thoroughly thought out remodeling projects don’t always go as planned. Things happen. You might change your mind and want to adjust the original plan. Talk with your contractor and explain your “big picture” goal to uncover other options that might fit the bill. 

Be sure you understand the consequences of any changes, since it may equate to more expense or a longer time frame. In addition, the construction team could stumble upon an unforeseen structural problem that needs to be addressed, materials could be delayed, or other factors may come into play. Ask to be made aware of the impact on the schedule and budget.

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Richardson Custom Homes will document any changes (including budget) in a change order for your approval and signature. Rest assured additional work is not performed until your final approval.

5. How will they communicate throughout the remodel?

A good contractor will ensure you are receiving updates on a regular basis. Be sure to agree on which form of communication is best for both of you. Set a timeframe to communicate, so you are aware ahead of time when to expect status reports.

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As part of their process, Richardson Custom Homes sends email and photos regularly noting the progress of your project. They will also schedule times to meet with you on site regularly for a walk-through.

6. Will they provide suggestions and recommendations?

A solid and reputable remodeler has seen it all and will work in your best interest to guide you on the right path through the remodel of your home.

Richardson Custom Homes has a team of professionals who will work with you, making suggestions and recommendations based on their experience so you can avoid mistakes others may have endured, and have the home of your dreams! Their goal is to ensure you have a rewarding experience.

 Questions to ask before choosing a Contractor - Fort Myers - Richardson Custom Homes

7. How long will it take?

The answer depends on the size and scope of your project. A professional will note a completion date in your contract, pending any change orders. If you decide to make changes, additional time may be necessary to fulfill your wishes.  A good contractor will manage your timeline expectations and keep you informed throughout the project. 

Keep in mind you have hired a contractor you trust.  It will be important for you to be open and honest about your expectations, so he/she can guide you through the process and timeline.

Once the scope of your project is determined, Richardson Custom Homes will provide a completion date in your contract, along with details regarding any change orders. Be sure to review any contract thoroughly and carefully.

When you are ready to remodel, Richardson Custom Homes will help you realize your vision. Call with any questions, 239 694 8889.  

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