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Home Renovation Trends 2022, Part 1

What home project is on your list? Here are a few trends we gathered from online experts for inspiration as you prioritize renovations for 2022.

Home Renovation Trends 2022, Part 1: Home Office Redesign

As a result of the pandemic, many homeowners have shifted to working from home. Therefore, a comfortable home office space with a professional background is now a necessity.

Homeowners are looking to add space permanently for a home office vs. using that spare bedroom. Additionally, there is a trend towards soundproofing doors and windows to increase privacy and productivity.

Outdoor Oasis

One of the benefits of living in SW Florida is the bonus of beautiful weather year-round.

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Outdoor living areas have become the go-to oasis to unwind, enjoy refreshments and meals, host and entertain guests more than ever.

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From fire and water features to complete outdoor kitchens and multiple entertainment areas, we can help you renovate or build your dream outdoor space.

Home Renovation Trends 2022, Part 1: Sustainability

This popular buzz word isn’t just a buzz word! Home sustainability is becoming a way of life.

There are multiple ways you can lower the cost of running your home, save energy, water, and maintenance on systems and appliances. Furthermore, you are creating a healthier environment for yourself, your family and pets.

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Some examples include converting to solar panels which can lower utility bills, offer a significant return on investment, tax breaks, and a reduced carbon footprint. 

Other examples include energy efficient lighting, appliances, window replacement, “whole house” HVAC air filtration systems and air purification systems. Homeowners are also investing in highly efficient toilets, showerheads, and sinks.

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There are also things you can do daily to support sustainability, from using natural cleaning products and cold water when doing laundry to purchasing recycled products and smart power strips.


When considering what home improvement projects to take on in 2022, it’s important to think about those that add value to your home. According to, homes with hardwood floors sold for 2.5% more than homes with other types of flooring.

In 2021, medium brown hues and driftwood finishes became very popular. For 2022, expect flooring trends to follow a similar style, with these being among the most popular:

  • Smoked wood flooring
  • Bleached woods
  • Weathered wood
  • Herringbone patterned flooring
  • Reclaimed barn wood tiles
  • Natural wood colors
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Another consideration is bamboo flooring which has become an attractive alternative to hardwood flooring because of its cost, durability and eco-friendly properties.

Home Renovation Trends 2022, Part 1: Wellness Design

Flexible spaces, outdoor living and smart features align with the ongoing trend towards wellness. Homeowners are renovating to make space for steam rooms, hot tubs, home gyms, and Zen gardens.

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In addition, smart technology, security and automation features for the entire home is becoming the norm.

We understand the intricacies of building and renovating your home no matter the project you have in mind.  Our team has more than 38 years’ experience in helping homeowners just like you in SW Florida make their dreams come true. How can we help you?  Contact Jason, 239-694-8889 to get started.

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