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COVID-19: Suggestions to Remain Productive

With these unprecedented events we are currently experiencing, we are all taking safety measures and following the rules set forth by the CDC. This means you may be self-quarantined and at home more often now.

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While it may be challenging to stay at home, it could also be a blessing in disguise. Fortunately, there are ways to keep busy and stay positive during this uncertain time.

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Staying at home gives you time to review, redo, and reconnect. For starters, look around your home to see what you’ve put on the back burner.

Review and redo those tasks at home. Below are a few ideas to get you started:


• Address those minor repairs
• Seal easy-to-fix leaks
• Replace old bulbs with LED bulbs
• Change the batteries in smoke detectors
• Clean out the garage; donate unwanted items
• Reorganize your closets
• Plant flowers
• Wash windows
• Touch up paint in and around your home
• Clean and replace AC filters
• Clean out the gutters
• Fix damaged screens
• Clean behind the fridge
• Trim trees or shrubs
• Flip the mattresses

Reconnect with yourself and your family members. Check out these suggestions:

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• Power walk with your kids and dogs
• Play games
• Listen to positive messages
• Cook dinner
• Rearrange the furniture
• Study something new
• Create an exercise routine
• Listen to music
• Share memorable stories
• Give the dog a bath
• Sit outside with no TV

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This is a great time to discover the unique gifts each member of your family has to offer. We all know our time is short here on earth, so take advantage of every minute.

Above all, do your best to relax during this challenging time. Give thanks to God for your home, family, and all your blessings.

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