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7 questions to consider before adding a mudroom

As Southwest Floridians, we spend a significant amount of time outdoors. From enjoying the pool to boating, beaching, biking, golfing, and other activities, it is critical we have a dedicated space for all our gear.

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Built for durability and design, a mudroom serves as a drop zone to store all your beach gear, soggy shoes, umbrellas, boots, tennis rackets and other items in one logical and convenient space. 

And, since it’s typically an entryway to your home, it should be tidy, stylish and in sync with your home’s design.  The good news is they can pull double or triple duty too, serving as laundry rooms, home offices and sometimes even bathrooms.

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Before you begin your mudroom addition, be sure to ask yourself these 7 questions.

How much space do you have for a mudroom?

Will your mudroom be combined with your current laundry room, or serve as a focal point, standing on its own? Or perhaps you may choose to blend it with your kitchen. On the other hand, with the addition of a bench and a few hooks and baskets, you could turn a closet or unused space like a hallway into a mini-mud room.  

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Serving as an extension of your home office, the mudroom serves as an ideal spot to create functional workspace, like paying bills or doing schoolwork.

What’s your vibe?

Do you prefer a casual rustic feel, or an elegant, more organized ambience? Decorate your mudroom according to your style. 

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Items to consider include bench seats, pillows, cushions, cubbies, cabinets, open baskets, closed drawers or perhaps a combination. Always be mindful to connect the aesthetics of adjoining rooms.

Which items will you store?

Are you looking for a place to quickly drop your keys and other gear? Or perhaps you need something larger to handle your family’s needs. For example, mudrooms can be ideal for storing rain jackets, sporting equipment, school backpacks, luggage or holiday decorations.  

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How much foot traffic do you expect?

In general, the more foot traffic, the more wear-and-tear you can expect. Therefore, you’ll want to consider durable flooring and trim that is easy to install and keep clean.

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What about electronics?

Consider adding a charging station for phones, tablets, and other electronics.  Check out a built-in drawer or dedicated shelf to minimize water and dirt damage and reduce counter clutter.

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How about your pets?

If you have pets to accommodate, the mudroom is an excellent location for a pet tub, sink, built-in kennel, and even a doggie door. Plan a canine cupboard that includes storage for kitty litter, bulk dog food, brushes, leashes, etc.

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What materials do you prefer?

If you intend the room to accommodate light traffic and have an aesthetic feel that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home, choose a durable hardwood that matches the other floors.

For high-traffic areas, there are several options; however, tile floors are the most forgiving when it comes to maintenance. For your countertops, there are many options from granite, quartz, marble, laminate, and other materials.  In addition, brighten up your space with track lighting, pendants, puck-shaped or under-cabinet LED lights.

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Mudrooms are beautiful and functional, adding organization and more storage that sync with your family’s lifestyle. When you’re ready to carve out a custom niche or perhaps add-on to your home, contact the renovation specialist, Jason Richardson, 239.694.8889.

Build your dream on a strong foundation.