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7 Fine Wine Storage Tips

Wine rooms are very popular in Southwest Florida. Many are works of art and serve as a focal point for entertaining.

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A wine collection adds that extra touch of luxury, making a date night at home or entertaining friends extra special.

If you are researching how to display your wine collection, the correct storage is just as important as how you decide to design your space.

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Below are several important components to keep in mind as you determine how to display your collection.

Evaluate Your Space For Wine Storage

From repurposing a closet, to under the stairs, or an elaborate wine wall or cellar, there are many options to showing off your collection. When considering the design of your wine room, think about how you plan to use it.

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Do you want to have enough space for tastings? How large is your wine collection? Rooms and walls can be created from 50 bottles to 2000+ depending on what you want.

Keep It Chill For Wine Storage

Temperature fluctuations are wine’s greatest nemesis. The best temperature to store wine is between 45° and 65° (shoot for 55°). Any temperature above 70° can cause the wine to spoil.

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The humidity level for storing your wine should hover around 60%-65% to avoid dried out corks, which can allow air into the wine. Humidity higher than 70% can cause issues like condensation which can lead to mold growth.

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It’s important to keep the air quality consistent. The more constant the environment, the longer the wine will last.

Avoid Vibration For Proper Wine Storage

Just like light, continuous shoving or shaking can lead to your wine aging before its time. Repeatedly picking up bottles of wine and putting them back on their side will negatively impact it.

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Be sure to choose a builder that understands how to properly build a storage system that allows you to remove a single bottle of wine without disturbing the others.

Also, remember to keep your bottles away from the door so that they don’t rattle each time you open it.

Fine Wine Storage Tip

Your goal is to always keep the cork moist. Store your bottles with corks horizontally to keep them from drying out and your wine from spoiling.

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Wine bottles with screw tops can be stored anyway you like, however, arranging them horizontally helps maximize space and provides easy access.

Flooring Options For Proper Wine Storage

There are many choices available for your flooring from bamboo, tile, cork, and stone to marble and even reclaimed wine barrels.

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Do not use carpet as it may develop mold and mildew as a result of the high humidity level.

Light It Up For Wine Storage

Do you prefer a warm, cozy vibe or a brighter ambiance? Either way, utilize LED lights so no heat is produced.

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Track lighting is perfect for highlighting each bottle, while chandeliers are more decorative, creating a vintage, yet sophisticated focal point.

Remember it is not a good idea to expose your wines to excessive light or sunlight. Go for lighting that is low intensity and generates low amounts of heat.

Consider Doors For Proper Wine Storage

A solid, airtight door is essential to maintaining consistent temperature and humidity in your wine room. Solid wood doors, glass and wrought iron doors can deliver a nice, airtight seal. Glass and wrought iron doors allow you to show off your fine wines.

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The most important factor is to work with a knowledgeable builder who will listen to your wants and needs and provide you guidance, so your wine room is designed exactly as you envisioned.

Richardson Custom Homes has been building dream homes for clients throughout Southwest Florida for over 35 years.

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