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5 Trends in New Homes

Our latest blog, 5 Trends in New Homes, gives homeowners a dose of inspiration when considering new construction or renovating their home.

With the trend in working from home now in full gear, some homeowners are realizing they need additional space to keep their household happy and productive. Everyone is doing their best to keep up with their work, exercise routines, and Zoom calls with family and friends, either in their original or make-shift home offices. 

This can be a challenge with more adults working in the home and students participating in online classes from home.

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If you’re thinking of renovating or building your dream home, here are five of the latest trends that you may want to consider as our “new normal” emerges.

5 Trends in New Homes

1. More Home Offices

Home offices have always been important; however, they are even more significant now for both adults and children. We all need a quiet place to work or study, especially during this uncertain time. Within new construction, we may see more dedicated quiet spaces with the return of doors to our open floor plan concept.

Barn doors tend to be popular, as they give people privacy while preserving an open-concept space, allowing rooms to serve multiple purposes.

2. Larger Living Spaces

The coronavirus has increased the need to keep the home clean and free of germs. Therefore, there’s likely to be an increase in double master bedrooms and ensuite guest bathrooms to give everyone their own space and feel safe.  Many times, homeowners love their home and decide to add-on a 2nd story to accommodate these features.  

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Mudrooms are also a popular add-on creating a dedicated space to remove your shoes, belongings, and wash hands before entering the house. Another option is an outdoor area. Expansive outdoor living space on your lanai with comfy furniture offers a sense of relaxation when taking a break, or yet another work area.

5 Trends in New Homes

3. Upgraded Kitchens

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During these challenging times, more people tend to be cooking at home. In fact, people are brushing up on their cooking skills, baking more and trying new things. Furthermore, energy efficient smart appliances, double islands, built-in coffee stations, dry bars, and LED lighting are becoming the norm as they enhance the cooking experience and promote family time.

Many people find cooking relaxing, but a standard kitchen might not meet an avid home chef’s need. If you feel you need more space in your kitchen or it is lacking essential features, there is the option of pursuing a kitchen remodel. Contact us for ideas on design and space saving features, 239.694.8889.

4. Healthy Living Features

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Even after the pandemic threat recedes, the focus on healthy living is likely here to stay. Hygiene-focused features such as touchless faucets, germ-resistant flooring, ultraviolet lamps, smart locks, robotic vacuums, and smart toilets are becoming the norm in new homes and renovations.

5 Trends in New Homes

5. Sanctuary Getaways

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According to polls released by the American Psychiatric Association in March, more than a third of Americans said the coronavirus has had a serious impact on their mental health. It can be difficult to relax in cluttered spaces. Therefore, look for sanctuary-like spaces such as reading nooks and more green space to be incorporated into future projects.

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When you are ready to add more space, reimagine your home office, or remodel your home, contact us for advice before getting started and to help you design your home with efficiency and safety in mind. Count on us to make it a rewarding experience, 239 694 8889.

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