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5 Clues Why the Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home. (Part 1 of 2)

Why does everyone tend to congregate in the kitchen? What is it about kitchens that evoke a mysterious magnetic attraction?  As soon as your guests arrive, they all gravitate towards the kitchen immediately, and no matter how crowded it gets, no one wants to leave!  Here are 5 clues why the kitchen is the heart of your home.

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#1. It’s the happening place.

No matter the size, the kitchen is always the epicenter of the home.  It’s where milestones are celebrated, conversations take place, children learn about cooking, and where mom and daughter bond over traditional recipes.  It’s the office where bills are paid, the room where innovative ideas are born, your children’s art is displayed. It’s an entertainment venue, the place for cocktails, anniversaries, birthdays, a bridge for reconnecting with friends, and the place you go for nutrition, fulfillment and satisfaction.

5 Clues Why the Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home: #2. It strengthens the mind, body and soul.

Spending more time in your kitchen can benefit you and your family’s health. According to one Cambridge study, your longevity increases when you cook at home more frequently. Family and friends benefit from eating home cooked meals, as well. In addition, your kitchen triggers family conversation. It is also a place where children learn social skills and manners that will help them connect with other people throughout life.

If you have young children or grandchildren, eating at home together on a regular basis provides them with several health benefits. In fact, according to a survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, they will also be less likely to use alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes, when eating home-cooked meals together. Consequently, this same survey also showed children who ate at home with their families on a regular basis received higher grades and were overall happier than those who did not.

Investing in a beautiful kitchen means investing in your family’s mental and physical health. A functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen will draw family and guests into the heart of your home and envelop them in the warmth that awaits them.

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